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Monday, August 11, 2008

Da Vinci Code Computer Game (part 2)

The requirements for the game Da Vinci Code are usually limited to the home personal computer system. The system must have these specifications in order to run the game.

Some of the basic specifications required by the system are:
  • Processor Speed – the processor speed that a computer system must possess in order to play this game is 1.8GHz. The make is not a consideration fact but it is always better if the make is Pentium. This speed of the processor decides the responsiveness factor of the commands executed in the game. This helps in sending and receiving data based commands from the user. The Da Vinci code game has higher speed requirements as this game has high picture display and other such features.

  • Environment – this game could easily run on windows XP and higher versions of the windows.

  • RAM – the need of this game for RAM is considerably higher and is up to 512MB which stores the executable files temporarily. These files are then sent to the processor for execution. Processor speed gets faster with speed of RAM.

  • Disc Space – the Da Vinci Code game requires a space of 3GB in the computer system. This space is relatively large as compared to a computer system but is just perfect to play this game.

  • Video Card – a graphics card of 64MB is required by this game for the best resolution output which should be compatible with a DirectX 9c graphics card.

  • CD-ROM – normally, the speed of the CD-ROM that this game needs is 6X. However, it is always recommended for the user to use a DVD-ROM instead of a CD-ROM.

There are some places used in the game, which are not stated or mentioned about in the book or the movie. The player needs to solve Meta Puzzles and decipher codes from cryptex. The gamer is supposed to finish 90 levels in the game. If the computer system that is used fulfills the requirements laid by the game, then he could easily enjoy each and every aspect of the game to the fullest.

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