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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Yard Sale Hidden Treasures: Sunnyville

Compete with other citizens of the Sunnyville city in the Superstar Homes Magazine Contest.
Scour all the eight rooms of your house to make it a dream home, and to impress the judge.
Each room of your house needs something to makeover.
With a wish-list of these items, you need to visit local yard sales around the city to find the goods, artfully concealed among the junk.
So, could you redesign your home to make it featured in Superstar Homes magazine?

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Righteous Kill game

The "Righteous Kill" game is based on the prospective movie of the same name.
Play the role of the detective Erica Dean, and start your work at the newly-created squad - Vigilante Unit.
Your mission is to detain people who think the law is not the same for all.
Investigate 16 New York's locations in search of hidden-objects clues: dust for fingerprints, restore torn documents, use the UV light, compare security camera footage and make many more actions.
The game contains many animated levels and clips from the film.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Yard Sale Junkie game

Shirley has a dream to open her own boutique in Beverly Hills. She needs to earn $30K using the yard sales she holds. Travel with Shirley around the Los Angeles' well-known places such as Santa Monica and Hollywood, and sell the items on the customer's lawns.

Could you organize a successful yard sale by managing a junk objects that fill all the entire scene and cover each other? Get the high happiness level for the customers, and help Shirley to open a store!

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dream Day Wedding: Married in Manhattan

Dream Day Wedding: Married in Manhattan game is the fourth release in the "Dream Day" series. This time you're playing a New York wedding planner, helping different pairs prepare for their big wedding day.

Select a pair to work for, then select a scene - there are different indoor and outdoor locations to search through for hidden objects: florist, cafe, Central Park and many others. Play mini-games and puzzles to enter every new level and, finally, disclose the final registry gift!

Play also the third part of the "Dream Day" series - Dream Day First Home

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Forgotten Riddles: The Moonlight Sonatas game

Enter the city of Godesberg which keeps the secrets and riddles of Francis von Amadeus, a gifted 19th century composer.
Being an inspector, you have to explore a place where Francis lived and worked - The Moonlight Opera House.

In spite of the fact that the House has been desolated for some time, locals tell they hear beautiful music from it and see a ghostly figure standing on the balcony.
Having an access to the composer's journals, you will inspect numerous chambers of the Moonlight Opera House to find hidden objects and finally solve the mystery.

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Da Vinci Code Computer Game (part 2)

The requirements for the game Da Vinci Code are usually limited to the home personal computer system. The system must have these specifications in order to run the game.

Some of the basic specifications required by the system are:
  • Processor Speed – the processor speed that a computer system must possess in order to play this game is 1.8GHz. The make is not a consideration fact but it is always better if the make is Pentium. This speed of the processor decides the responsiveness factor of the commands executed in the game. This helps in sending and receiving data based commands from the user. The Da Vinci code game has higher speed requirements as this game has high picture display and other such features.

  • Environment – this game could easily run on windows XP and higher versions of the windows.

  • RAM – the need of this game for RAM is considerably higher and is up to 512MB which stores the executable files temporarily. These files are then sent to the processor for execution. Processor speed gets faster with speed of RAM.

  • Disc Space – the Da Vinci Code game requires a space of 3GB in the computer system. This space is relatively large as compared to a computer system but is just perfect to play this game.

  • Video Card – a graphics card of 64MB is required by this game for the best resolution output which should be compatible with a DirectX 9c graphics card.

  • CD-ROM – normally, the speed of the CD-ROM that this game needs is 6X. However, it is always recommended for the user to use a DVD-ROM instead of a CD-ROM.

There are some places used in the game, which are not stated or mentioned about in the book or the movie. The player needs to solve Meta Puzzles and decipher codes from cryptex. The gamer is supposed to finish 90 levels in the game. If the computer system that is used fulfills the requirements laid by the game, then he could easily enjoy each and every aspect of the game to the fullest.

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Da Vinci Code Computer Game (part 1)

The specifications laid by a game are not just limited to some of the games only, but are indeed a part of every game. There is no such game available in the market which does not require the system to have certain features. In addition, most of the game requirements and specifications form a part of the computer system that the user owns.

Video games do not ask for many system specifications and requirements as these games are made according to a particular device on which they could be played. It can also be said that the producers of the game are aware of the device for which the games are developed known as consoles.

Many of the game developers manufacture the gaming consoles of their own in order to lower the specifications of a system needed for the game to be played. However, it is not true that the game programs are limited to only these developers to be regulated. There is no such law that regulates the limitations of production of games and their development. There are so many game developers that are not associated with other developers who develop and market gaming consoles. The game developers see to it that the basic requirements are met from a system on which the game would be played.

Computer systems are the mostly used devices for playing games. There are different types of versions and requirements that a computer system may have these days which are available in the market. There are different varieties of video cards, processor capacity, audio cards, RAM, etc. that one may find in the market easily. These features help in deciding about what a computer system may do for you.

Every particular game has its own system specifications and requirements. These requirements are generally laid in order to achieve the best possible audio and video quality, and superb playing environment output for the gamer playing the game. It is very hard to imagine playing a game on a useless computer system, jarred audio output, and low resolution display, where one could never be happy playing a game on it.

A game that deserves special mention as it lays special rules and specification for the computer system is the Da Vinci Code. This game is based on the book and the movie released by the same name. This game is based on a quest with Robert Langdon and Sophie Neveu as the characters where the gamer is needed to find the answers to the secrets of Priory of Sion and other similar sects. The quest was later changed to the game of death as it would upset the faith in the Catholic Church.

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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Finding the Best Video Game System (part 2)

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Some factors and points, if kept in mind during the purchase of a video game console always helps in taking the right decision. If a person likes a gaming console, then it is only the person form whom the console is the best and not everybody. The video game console may not be able to satisfy the needs and requirements of the customer which he wants his way, how much impressive the specifications seem to him. Some of the factors may always help while getting new gaming consoles, which are summarized below:

  • The consumer must not be doubtful in his gaming needs and requirements, as only the person knows what gaming abilities would suit his style the best. He should be content and willing by the gaming specifications which he wants to purchase, and not only because his friend has a same type of gaming console. It is true that everyone does not have alike gaming requirements. Everybody takes the gaming consoles that would entertain the best. But it always helps if the person does some close survey of the gaming consoles before actually getting himself one.

  • One must consider the purchasing of the gaming console seriously as it is just like getting a car or a television set in which the person wants the best. One must always check that the gaming device he wants to purchase could give him the best output, the sound quality, picture quality, etc.

  • One must always try to collect some information of the gaming device on the internet. Many of the makers of the gaming devices put up their products and their specifications on the internet.

  • One must always prefer those gaming devices which are produces by renowned console manufacturers in the world. They not only help provide the best quality, but also help whenever the company improves their products. The gaming devices should be compatible which another important feature in gaming is.

  • One must think about other things he wants from his gaming console. If there are some add-on peripherals available with the device? The game pads must be well built and easy to handle while gaming.

The video game device could be made the best if it meets the requirements of the consumer.The consumer tends to choose such a device that has prime characteristics which suits his gaming needs.

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Finding the Best Video Game System (part 1)

The modern era of technology has seen such successful growth that it has become very common for the common man to hear about new developments every now and then. In return, only an eye or two are blinked. The technology advancement is beyond the imagination of one’s mind. The technology has grown multifold since the last decade. In the 90s cell phones were just another means of communication for the common man, but today there is nothing that could not be done on the cell phone. From playing games to watching movies and paying bills, cell phone has it all.

Video games have been the most keenly anticipated and the best invention for kids of all age groups and certainly even the bigger kids. Video gaming titles are endless and are available easily in the market. The most standard reason that led to the invention of video games was the need of the people to get something so as to keep them entertained in their leisure time. The technology used in the video games has only advanced with time and the various products used in video games are raised in standards gradually.

The main use of these hardware devices is playing games. The video game systems are commonly called as video game consoles. The manufacturers who manufacture the gaming consoles bring up the consoles in such a way that they support every gaming titles produced by every company. But, a rapid rise in consumer demand has motivated the manufacturers to bring up their products that are a combination of the products which sell. They are manufactured for a compatibility mode with all games.

There has been a sudden rush in the game consoles manufacturers in the recent past who have introduced themselves in the gaming market. Their devices do not have alike specifications and their gaming abilities are somewhat different from the other gaming devices available in the market. The companies try to bring out products that have different gaming abilities from the other products available in the market.

Keeping in mind, the large number of availabilities and differentiability of the products available in the market, the consumer is always left behind wondering about which gaming system to purchase that would be the best for his gaming needs and requirements. The consumer only gets more engrossed in his thoughts if he has little or no knowledge about video gaming consoles. So in this case, just asking people about the products would not be that helpful, but doing some research on the video game products always does.

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