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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Da Vinci Code Computer Game (part 1)

The specifications laid by a game are not just limited to some of the games only, but are indeed a part of every game. There is no such game available in the market which does not require the system to have certain features. In addition, most of the game requirements and specifications form a part of the computer system that the user owns.

Video games do not ask for many system specifications and requirements as these games are made according to a particular device on which they could be played. It can also be said that the producers of the game are aware of the device for which the games are developed known as consoles.

Many of the game developers manufacture the gaming consoles of their own in order to lower the specifications of a system needed for the game to be played. However, it is not true that the game programs are limited to only these developers to be regulated. There is no such law that regulates the limitations of production of games and their development. There are so many game developers that are not associated with other developers who develop and market gaming consoles. The game developers see to it that the basic requirements are met from a system on which the game would be played.

Computer systems are the mostly used devices for playing games. There are different types of versions and requirements that a computer system may have these days which are available in the market. There are different varieties of video cards, processor capacity, audio cards, RAM, etc. that one may find in the market easily. These features help in deciding about what a computer system may do for you.

Every particular game has its own system specifications and requirements. These requirements are generally laid in order to achieve the best possible audio and video quality, and superb playing environment output for the gamer playing the game. It is very hard to imagine playing a game on a useless computer system, jarred audio output, and low resolution display, where one could never be happy playing a game on it.

A game that deserves special mention as it lays special rules and specification for the computer system is the Da Vinci Code. This game is based on the book and the movie released by the same name. This game is based on a quest with Robert Langdon and Sophie Neveu as the characters where the gamer is needed to find the answers to the secrets of Priory of Sion and other similar sects. The quest was later changed to the game of death as it would upset the faith in the Catholic Church.

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