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Monday, June 23, 2008

Try a New Free Hidden Objects Game this Summer

Hidden Expedition: Amazon gameAre you looking for that perfect free hidden objects game? Want something entertaining and special to do? Then try one of these neat new games.

Summer’s here and you may only be able to dream of that special vacation or that exotic place, but now you can do more than dream with one of the cool PC games.

For instance, you can try the new Hidden Expedition: Amazon game. Go see the Amazon with your very own expedition team. But wait! Not only do you get to explore the Amazon, but you go on an investigative mission. You are looking for your missing professor. On your trip you are given a real, old map of an ancient Beetle Temple. Hold on to that map! Its your only clue as you start your mission through the Amazon Rainforest. This game is truly exciting a full of colorful graphics. You get to explore cities, ruins and temples, that until now you have only imagined. Find an ancient yet advanced civilization, of the type all archeologists and explorers dream of. The exploration of the beetle temple is just the BEGINNING of this great exotic Adventure! Just what you need to while away those extra long summer hours!

This is just one of many new free hidden object games that are available on the Internet now. You can find many that will entertain you no matter what your gaming level is.

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