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Monday, June 16, 2008

Free Hidden Objects Games

Free hidden objects games are a new type of computer game that will really tax your mind. The thought process that goes into this challenging game is what will get you hooked to its objectives, and keep you coming back for more.

These games are based off of some of the more famous offline games, such as "Where's Wally" and "Clue". They also bring some of the more classic books from the shelf into the computer world. These would include characters such as Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie. It is this attempt to bring the famous books to the computer world has also brought the book reading crowd with it.

What is the object?

These objects of these games is to find hidden objects, hence the title. Sometimes you will have two different pictures side by side and yo umust pick out the differences in them. Other times, there will only be 1 picture, and you will be required to find some objects in this picture, or to put something together, like a puzzle.

You are being timed

These games are also being timed. This is what makes these games really addicting. You must get your tasks done in a certain amount of time in order to keep going. There really is no time to just go slow. You must get it done fast. And, without errors. Just this one additional feature of the game makes it pretty fun but there is another one as well that will make you decide on something again.

This other decision you will need to make is to play another game within the current game. What I mean, is, as you are playing your current game, and going as fast as you can, there will be other opportunities that pop up. You can choose to play these, or to pass them up. Some of them look pretty simple, and you can try to solve them right away. It will give you more points, and thus a higher score. But it will also take up more time. You must decide.

These free hidden objects games are very simple games to start playing, even if you are a beginning computer game participant. This realtively simple entry point, and the addiction factor, will keep you playing these games over and over and enjoying every minute of it.

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