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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hidden in Time Mirror Mirror game

Unbelievable! Your ancient mirror indicates that you belong to the royal Fairwich clan.
A castle your ancestry was owned by, is now settle to be sold.
So you have nine days only to clear up the mystery of the Fairwich Castle which is now concerned with your descent.

Hidden In Time: Mirror, Mirror game consists of nine levels.
There are 3 locations on each level, and you need to visit all the locations twice. On the first visit, you have to find hidden objects. On the second visit, you will, in addition, uncover one of 3 secret objects.

By investigating the Castle Fairwich history, you'll come through well-designed and diverse levels, full of smart humor and well-selected list of hidden items. Moreover, three kinds of mini-games (such as reflecting mirrors and spot the differences) awaiting for you after completing each level.

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